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    Dont No Why - [MAXI SINGLE]
    Artist: BULLYCAT
    Music Produced by: Davis
    Featuring: Starchild on Guitar
    Slide over to the cats lair as Bullycat delivers heat from his honeycomb down at the “Bay Play Area” in California. This hit single is a slapper that is PoppN the most! Order this Today!
    Diamond In The Rough - [ALBUM]
    Artist: CHRIS X
    Music Produced by: Davis
    Featuring: Christian Houston, Odis Tillis Jr, Denise Sapphire
    Chris X represents Artists that have music with real meaning. Yesterday you listened to him on dad's radio play list, while today Diamond In The Rough is becoming a world classic!
    My Hybrid Lungs - [ALBUM]
    Music Produced by: Davis
    Featuring: L.Shedd, Monica
    We have Hip Hop, R&B, Pop and then there is Chameleon. The name is fitting for this sleeper Artist who has redefined what it means to be a musician. Pre Order this Album Today!
    My Dreamverse - [EP]
    Artist: TERRA LAKES
    Music Produced by: Davis
    Background Vocals: Teresa Williams, Julie Murphy
    Witness the emergence of the Terra Lakes sensation as she wows many with her unique style that mesmerizes and lulls you into wanting to hear more. Do you have a dream?

    Why is it difficult to obtain a Record Deal?

    Due to inherent risk of frivolous lawsuits that plague the industry, it has become a challenge for Artist to pitch their music to Record Labels. Grit Records is comprised of Entrepreneurs and Investors who use the 35-1 rule (35 minds produce better results than just 1). What does this all mean for serious Artist? It means, Artist now have the opportunity to make their pitch to Grit Records.




    Max Hourly Pay up to $75 or by Project [Negotiable]

    Our Producers are accountable for the success of the finished product. Do you have experience in the Industry? Are you self-motivated? Can you handle all phases of production, including signing Artist, Studio hire, Production schedules or meeting your spending budgets? We pay for results, not excuses. Join our team in 2016.
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    Max Hourly Pay up to $550 or by Project [Negotiable]

    Rates paid to Background Singer or Session Vocalist may vary. Our panel determines pay rates based on experience, talent and natural abilities along with other factors. Please refer to your WFH contract for details.
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    Max Hourly Pay up to $175 or by Project [Negotiable]

    Have you been told your voice is unique or you have a great speaking voice? We are contracted to complete Dry Voice Overs for Movies, Televison Ads, Radio, Audio Books and other various projects. Dry Voice Overs are scripts provided for you to read that is recorded as you read. The subsequent recording is then used for voice overs.
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    Max Hourly Pay up to $250 or by Project [Negotiable]

    Do you love playing Piano, Guitar or Bass? Regardless if you play by ear or professionally trained, consider getting paid doing what you love to do, by working with our Producers on various projects. Talent and skill is our main prerequisite.
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    Max Weekly Pay up to $3500 Per Week or by Project [Negotiable]

    If you are efficient with Maya, 3Ds Max and do Modeling, Shading, Animation, we have loads of work for you. Must not to busy with other work, and ready to start working Today Not Tomorrow.
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  • About Us


    Grit Records was founded in 1998, creating the one stop solution for the talented many. We Conceptualize, Market, Promote and Distribute product in over 192 Countries around the world. Read More About Us

    Who said mergers aren’t good?

    After the collapse of financial institutions in 08, Film and Record Companies everywhere went into crisis mode, needing additional funding to remain in business. Grit Records went to the Banks and pitched the plan to merge 4 Media Companies into one conglomerate. Our plan called for One Million Dollars. The Bank rejected our plan in a joking manner, essentially indicating our plan was a long shot. We told the same joke to our Gritanium Investors who laughed with us all the way back to the Bank. Today we have become one of the largest multi media LLCs in California, having became a major contender in the Industry, partnering with major Corporations and concerns around the globe.

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    Services open to public

    32 Bit Audio Recording

    We offer professional recording and mastering services using state of the art equipment. Our experience enables us to provide you with outstanding services at affordable rates.
    Mastering tips

    Film & Video Production

    We have state of the Art Green Screen Rooms, Cameras and Equipment, to include 4K Drones that can fly miles away to capture the best footage for your project. There is nothing we can’t do. Filming Tips

    Web Development

    We complete professional web solutions efficiently and can do all the thinking for you. We will conceptualize and develop your entire website while you relax.
    Web Tips

    Graphic Design

    We have 2nd to none award winning Illustrators, Graphic Designers, Photographers that do amazing work! When you combine that with our national printing contracts, no job is to big or to small.
    Graphic Tips

  • A few notable clients we provided services for

    Type of Service
    Post-Production - [ Audio ]
    Type of Service
    Post-Production - [ Video ] [ Audio ]
    Type of Service
    Post-Production - [ Video ] [ Audio ]
    Type of Service
    Post-Production - [ Audio ]
    Type of Service
    Post-Production - [ Video ]
    Type of Service
    Post-Production - [ Video ] [ Audio ]
    Type of Service
    Post-Production - [Print Ads and Marketing]
    Type of Service
    Post-Production - [ Video ]
    Type of Service
    Post-Production - [ Video ]
  • Available Services

    Song Writers | Composers $4500
    Music Production | Beats $3500
    Ghost Writers $2500
    Movie Score $9,500
    Low Budget Music Video $5,000
    Professional Mastering $3,500
    Email contact: services@gritrecord.com
    Toll Free number: (800)576-GRIT
    © Music (72 hour turn around) $21
    Marketing and Promtion Plan $1575
    Press Release $1225
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    Additional Services

    Full Production Music Video
    $125,000 | 2 Week Shoot | 6 Camera Setup |10 Hour Days
    Full Turn Key Solution:(2) Directors, (2) Producers, (1) Director of Photography, (4) Camera Operators, (2) Licensed Drone Operators, (3) Steadicam & Crane Operators (4) Key Grip & Gaffers (2) Hair and Makeup, (1) Wardrobe, (1) Set Designer, (2) Sound Engineers, (6) Special Effects,(4) Video Editors
    $5000 | We take zero commission | Create TV Commercial
    We Distribute and make product available for sale in over 192 Countries around the World with our Retailers, using the triple P method - Price - Product -Promotion. To insure your product has a great buzz upon release, we create your first professional TV Commercial for Broadcast or Internet use!
    Artist Press Kit
    $3500 | Press Kit | 100% Guaranteed results!
    Artist who mail their demos to Companies without invites have their mail tagged as “unsolicited” and thrown away. Since we have direct contacts in the Industry, let our marketing prepare and send out your press kit for you. If you don’t get your desired results, we will distribute your product FREE!
    $12,000 | 15 seconds - 2 min
    Our savvy hit making Producers create catchy custom jingles that have memorable melodies designed to worm their way into your psyche and never be forgotten! Our Producers works as ghost writers, and as such you receive all production credits for what is created.
  • Corporate office

    Mailing Address

    131 SUNSET AVE STE E#353
    SUISUN CITY CA 94585
    OFFICE: (800)576.GRIT

    E-mail: info@gritrecord.com

    Contact Us

  • Our Policy

    Effective Date: January 1, 2019

    Grit Records is a subsidiary of Gritanium LLC. This stated Policy and the effective date indicated above supercedes any and all of our prior policy notices. This notice applies to all Gritanium LLC subsidiaries offices, to include any and all web based businesses we own, operate and manage, henceforth and collectively referred to as "our", "us" or "we". Whenever doing business with our offices, or interact with our website, we may need to collect your personal and other information. Protecting the privacy and security of any personal information we obtain or you provide is a priority as we value your privacy. Please be advised by doing any business or interacting with us on our website’s, you are accepting our practices described in this Policy and de facto consent to our Policy. We reserve the right to modify or amend our Policy at any time without notice. To that end you can be assured should such become necessary for us to do so, we will do so in accordance with our Principles of Clarity, Security and Integrity. At our discretion we may or may not notify you of any material changes to our Policy prior to such changes becoming effective. Should we notify you of these changes it may be by mail, or email or notice from this policy and or by any other means we deem acceptable. We encourage you to periodically review our Policy for the latest information about our policies and practices.

    Clarity: This policy notice is intended to communicate clearly to you about all of our policy and practices.
    Security: We follow security standards, processes and procedures that are designed to protect your personal information.
    Integrity: We do not sell or rent any of your personal information as we respect all personal information.

    Depending on what services you select, we may collect personal information about you for example your name, e-mail address, billing address, shipping address, phone number and credit card information. By law we must report to the IRS the money we pay our Authors and may collect information needed to verify your identity in order to pay you money. If you wish to be paid money from your book sales you will be required to complete a W9 form that we will send you. We cannot pay out any money to you without this. If you are visiting our Website from outside the United States and provide us with personal information, please note that your personal information will be transferred, stored and processed within the United States. Additionally, we may transfer your personal information to other countries, for example because a server or third party service provider is located there. The data protection and privacy laws of other countries, including the United States, may not afford you the same level of protection as those in your own country. We will take appropriate steps to protect your information. By doing business or interacting with us, you are consenting to the transfer, storage, and processing of your personal information to and within facilities located in the United States and other facility locations selected by us.

    Our services offered are catered to our retail partners and all those whom we are doing business with and issued a key account number or have been verified. In order to obtain a key account you will need to visit our contact page and send us a detailed message as to the nature of your inquiry. To that end, our liaison we will review and reply accordingly. As a general practice, any material submitted to us by email or mail that DOES NOT include a valid key account or authorization number will be treated as unsolicited. For legal reasons all unsolicited correspondence or communication will be deleted or discarded. Unsolicited communication is herein defined and deemed to mean you do not have permission, nor have been invited to send us CDs, Demos, ideas, pitches, outlines, scripts, treatments, or any material by phone, mail or email. Many Artist around the world have similar ideas and may be in the process of publishing or distributing material, and as such as a general practice Record and Film companies enforce this general policy. This is to avoid misunderstandings that can happen. Our policy protects you as well as us from copyright infringement. Additionally our policy protects against those who are set on making malicious claims of ownership on published or distributed works in an effort to capitalize on Companies who do not have strong policies in place to help prevent frivolous claims or suits. Most reputable Record Labels and Film companies will have this same type policy in place. In sum, should anyone choose to disregard our policy and attempt to submit unsolicited material to us anyway, you acknowledge understand and agree that we have no obligation to you regarding your submission, and you waive your rights to make regarding any unsolicited material submit to us that the courts may ignore.

    Protecting your privacy and personal information is our priority. We will not sell or rent your personal information to third parties, however because we do own and operate other businesses, we may share and use your personal information with the other entities that we own and operate within our enterprise. In addition, we may continue to do so even after such business or operations are sold. We may provide Law enforcement or Government officials as may be required by law, the release of your personal information when requested by subpoena or if we determine, in our judgment, that it is necessary to (a) comply with the law, regulation, legal process, or enforceable governmental request; (b) enforce or apply the terms of any of our policies or user agreements; or (c) protect the rights, property or safety of our Associates, businesses, employees, our customers, users, or others.

    Our services are directed towards adults or if persons are minors, with the consent of their parent or guardian. Individuals under the age of 18 are deemed "Minors" and are not permitted to do business with us, without the consent of a parent or legal guardian. This does not apply in states where 17 is considered an adult. We do not knowingly collect or solicit personal information from minors nor will we knowingly allow minors to do business with us without their parent or legal guardian. If you are a parent or guardian and believe your minor child has conducted business with us without your consent, please contact our legal department at legal@gritanium.com or (800)576-4748 and after we verify your stated concerns, and that you are the parent or legal guardian, upon your request, we will promptly cease all further business. We are committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations regarding doing business with minors including the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998.

    For transparency, our policy has been reviewed by a State Of California 501(c) 3 Non Profit Organization. If you have questions regarding our policy or practices, please reach out to us using our contact page on this site. Any and all disputes are subject to this stated Policy, all of our rules and regulations that include any limitations set forth on alleged damages, resolution of disputes, and application of laws pursuant to the State of California.

  • Further Information

    Last Updated | January 01, 2019


    This content and information is currently being updated. Please check back here later for updated information or give call us toll free at (800)576-GRIT.
    Due to high call volume, our response time to you will be faster by sending an email directly to:workforhire@gritrecord.com

    You may also send us a message through our contact page. Thank you for your patience.

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